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Crazy Heart

"Crazy Heart is a beautiful book... The characters are cut cleanly out of America--the roadside West, the dance halls and beer joints, the occasional big concert, Houston, Nashville, Southern California, and the endless, eternal hotel rooms that are as close to home as any country singer ever gets... Bad Blake is a man you will not soon forget."

--Kinky Friedman, The Washington Times

"In his debut novel, Thomas Cobb has produced a piercing, keenly observed chronicle of America, getting across the current mores and attitudes as experienced by C & W musician Blake."
--Los Angeles Times

"In producing as nearly a masterpiece as the subject has yet attracted, Cobb seems to have triumphed... Cobb has created an unforgettable character who engages not only your interest, but your emotion... and who proceeds to take you on a roller-coaster ride through his tawdrily tumultuous life."
--Chicago Tribune

"A measure of Thomas Cobb’s talent is that he can make Bad Blake’s story amusing even as we watch him fall. Bad is entirely sympathetic, and his crazy heart is vivid; the milieu is as resonant as a steel guitar, and the plot moves along without skipping a beat."
--New York Times Book Review