A non-fiction novel of the bloody Power Affair in Arizona, 1918.
"this stunning collection of short stories draws unrelenting portraits of cruelty."
--Jeffrey Greene
Fiction (novel) Scribner, February 2008
"The story of 17 year old Ned Thorne who joins the army and gets posted to the furthest outpost of the Arizona Territory in 1871, where he must prove himself to his superiors and himself."
Fiction (novel)
"a bitter, witty psychological profile of genius that is also a wonderful celebration of country music."
--Donald Barthelme


publication date February 12, 2008

Set in 1871 in the unforgiving desert of the Arizona territories, Shavetail is the story of Private Ned Thorne, a seventeen-year-old boy from Connecticut who has lied about his age to join the army. On the run from a shameful past, Ned is desperate to prove his worth—to his superiors, his family, and most of all, to himself. Young and troubled, Ned is as stubborn as a shavetail, the soldiers’ term for a willful, untrained mule.
After a band of Apaches attacks a nearby ranch, killing two men and, perhaps, kidnapping a woman, Ned’s superiors, also seeking to atone for their mistakes, lead Ned and the rest of his company on a near suicidal mission through a particularly menacing stretch of desert and into Mexico in hopes of saving the woman’s life.